The L-Square


A common task in the studio is to square up sheet metal. Using an L-square is a simple way to do this. The first image shows you three L-squares of different sizes. Line up the short or long leg of the L-square with the straight edge of a table. Both silver L-squares have a lip along one end that facilitates proper, secure placement at the edge of the table. In the second image you can see there is a gap between the brass sheet metal and the long leg of the L-square.

How did I correct for this unevenness? I placed the bottom edge of the sheet metal until it was flush with the L-square leg. I then overlapped the long leg over the metal. Scribe a line along the leg and cut on the shear or with your jeweler’s saw. You can then follow the same procedure with either or both of the other ends if they are not straight.


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  1. Joanne Walker

     /  June 3, 2012

    As always, your blog posts are so relevant. I have one of these L-squares (the middle size), and never knew exactly how to use it–thanks again for sharing info!

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