Studio Tips#5: Silicone Polishers

My favorite use for these little cylinder shaped black silicone polishers is
cleaning the inside area of a back plate when creating a bezel. You know,
that left over solder after attaching the bezel to a back plate? It is not
easily removed in a confined space, but this little polisher is like magic.
Use an old file (or the bottom unused section of a decent hand file) to form
a flat bottom cone. Place the polisher mandrel in the flex shaft and use at
slow speed. In other words, don’t go so fast and crazy that you lose control
and shave that puppy right down to the mandrel. Sorry puppies – bad
metaphor. Gradually carve a section of the polisher until you achieve the
correct shape. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses any time you use the flex
shaft. I wear a mask because the grit becomes airborne in this process.

The reason for filing this polisher is to prevent removing metal from the
bezel wire. Is it really necessary to remove the solder in the first place?
YES! If you don’t, your stone may not fit like it did prior to soldering.
You WILL prevail over solder slobber with these little cuties.

These medium grit polishers can also be used to debur, clean, smooth and

Have fun!


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