Say Good Bye To Tuscany

Today is a travel day. We leave our quiet Il Castillo in Tuscany and head to Rome. Oh my, I am bracing myself for an entirely different experience. Entering Rome promises to be hair raising – Jan, an excellent driver, will get us to the car rental office Italian style and I will be navigating. Really? Poor Jan…….

Here are a few pictures of Tuscany I have not yet posted.


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  1. Jeri, it has been such a pleasure for me to write the blog. I had my doubts before I left about vacationing and writing at the same time. It has turned out to enrich my trip. Heading home tomorrow, Monday. See ya soon…..

  2. Jeri Nolfi Brown

     /  September 29, 2012

    Such a wonderful trip! Thanks for keeping us updated. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Hugs for you and Jan! <3<3<3

  3. Thanks Laura. We made it to Rome and it is very different from our quiet village in Tuscany. I am more of a Tuscany gal, but Rome does offer incredible architcture, art and history. I appreciate you writing.

  4. Have fun in Rome, I just spent a long weekend there in August and it is always incredible!

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