One Man’s Path to Becoming an Artist – Dore Capitani

Dore proudly standing next to an air filter (he built) for his new powder coat building (rear, left).

Dore Capitani was just a bit of a kid when he wrote to his mom announcing one day he would be an artist. Much to his surprise, he became a building engineer, far from his original aspiration. To add to his disappointment, he did 29 years in an unhappy marriage before he launched himself to a different part of the country and a new chapter in his life.

This is "Jatayu" a steel eagle made for me by Dore.

Last weekend I had an opportunity to visit with Dore, one of my favorite artists. That’s right, artist. Once Dore moved to Mountain Center (near Idyllwild) CA, he began working with metal, big metal.
It was only after making this transition into welding and cutting steel that he realized all those years as an engineer prepared him for the work of his life.

Dore sorting through partially completed projects.

Dore uses a large laser cutter to create Native American and Celtic sculptures for the garden and home. Additionally, he fabricates metal doors, staircase railings, signs, and gates for homes and businesses. Dore lives on 8 acres which houses a gallery and art garden of his work along with several other artists (including a talented photographer named Trish Tuley – his new wife to whom he is happily married).

Dore says not a day goes by where he doesn’t feel grateful for the work he does and that he is earning a living as an artist.

Example of a powder coated sculpture.

During one of my visits, he pulled a letter from a file in his workshop. Yes, it was the letter he wrote to his mom over 50 years ago.

~ Connie

If you get a chance, drop by and see Dore and his work. Directions:

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