Off To Idyllwild!

Tools and supplies packed up for trip to Idyllwild.

Tools and supplies packed up for trip to Idyllwild.

The trek to Metals Week begins today. This is only part of the tools and supplies I am taking along for my Cuffs class. What’s missing? 9 bracelet mandrels, a bench shear, 5 stakes, 2 large bags of hammers, and miscellaneous stuff in the trunk of Jonna’s car. Oh yes, and a vise and rolling mill. I have just one question – will it all fit in Gail’s SUV?

I love the thought of 70-75 people from all over the country preparing to converge in the small mountain village of Idyllwild. The community that develops in one short week along with focused, in-depth learning, is the perfect combination for avid jewelry makers. We have been anticipating this week for months. Let the fun begin…….


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  1. Diane, have a safe journey up the hill. I am looking forward to seeing you…..

  2. Now, the horse trailer would have been perfect! If it is large enough we could have included one of your Icelandic horses! What style – arriving to class on my steed. See ya soon, Kathy.

  3. Diane Weimer

     /  June 14, 2013

    I am out of here tomorrow at 10:30-11am and headed up to Idyllwild. Even though it is only 90 some miles it takes me about 2-1/2 hrs. It is just the highlight of the year! I am so looking forward to my time at Metal’s Week. Big thanks to Deb Jemmott being the creative driver and organizer for this wonderful event! See you there, Connie.

  4. Kathy Oxford

     /  June 14, 2013

    Yes indeed—-can’t wait to learn, see like-minded folks from last year, and meet new ones. This is when a larger vehicle comes in handy. I should have offered you my horse trailer Connie! See you soon. Kathy

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