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Well, I finally did it. After studying 3 different methods and plenty of practice I flush set 8 sapphires in a bangle. This method of setting stones came into focus for me last year at Patina Gallery in Santa Fe. The gallery represents the work of several artists (Atelier Zobel for one) who use multiple flush sets in their jewelry – I was mesmerized. BTW, if you get a chance to visit Patina Gallery I heartily recommend it. Not only do they have a large offering of great jewelry, the owners are just as nice as they can be.

Mid-November I spent 4 days with Debbie Brown, a good friend of mine who lives in Dublin (near Columbus), Ohio. We like to get together 3-4 times a year to work on jewelry together. We take an entirely different set of classes on an ongoing basis to improve our skills. So, when we meet it is a feast of sharing knowledge and techniques. Another BTW, Debbie makes wonderful jewelry, has a fully equipped studio, and she teaches. So, if you live in the Ohio area and want to learn to make metal jewelry, here is her contact information:

Cuff top and earrings made by Debbie Brown.

Back to my story – I was dead set (perfect term to use for this topic!) on doing flush set stones in a piece of jewelry while I was in Ohio. Done, and I am so delighted. I plan on teaching a class in flush setting during the next round of classes.

Classes for Winter Spring

People have been asking me about my next offering of classes. Here is what I am thinking about doing (might change so this isn’t a promise):

Corrugated Cuffs
Soldering I (basics)
Soldering II (soldering with multiple solder joints)
Flush Set Stones
Prong Set Cuffs (small class for 4-5 people)
Perhaps a few more…….

We will notify people on our class mailing list when the final lineup is on the website. Please contact Christine if you would like to be added to the mail list.

Fun Book

Here is a fun book you can add to your wish list: Jewelry Design Challenge: 10 Materials, 30 Artists, 30 Spectacular Projects, by Linda Kopp. I love Biba Shutz’s project (number 20).

A peek into the future: Metals Week, Idyllwild 2011

The list of Metals Week classes is not up on the Idyllwild website yet, but here is a sneak peek of the list of instructors who will be teaching (does not include what they will be teaching):

Joanna Gollberg –

Sandra Goss –

Charity Hall –

Harold O’Conner –

Pauline Warg –

Fred Zweig –

Idyllwild is located in the mountains in southern California. The fourth annual Metals Week will be held June 26-30th of 2011. If you would like to be added to a mailing list for updates on Metals Week, please notify Christine.

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