News 10-21-10: Banner Bracelet Tutorial

I recently received a request for a tutorial on how to make this bracelet. The directions are included in “Stamped Metal Jewelry” by Lisa Niven Kelly, sold in our online store.

It is a fun bracelet to make – you can add your own spin or make it really close to what I did. The directions call for using forming pliers to curve the metal. I used a swage, but you can also use a round piece of wood (rolling pin, baseball bat) on a sand bag to achieve the curves. Forming the metal will be easier if you anneal first. I am linking to two handouts on torch safety and annealing.

To make the project a little easier, I am posting some one of a kind beads made by Donna Struthers in our online store.

Here are the bolts, one way to connect the beads to the metal – Fine Silver Plated Bolts.

SAFETY: If you have never used a torch before, ask an experienced person to assist you. Always use good common sense and follow safety instructions that come with your torch. Read both “Torch Safety” and “Annealing” handouts. If you have questions, please email me.


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