News 10-11-10

I thought you might like to see some gorgeous cuffs made by Natalie Reed and Jayne Furman during/after my class on corrugated cuffs using Deb’s Mega Micro Brake (a corrugator). The first set is by Natalie Reed and the second by Jayne Furman.

One of the things I like about these cuffs is that they take very little time. It is hard to put “takes very little time” and jewelry together in the same sentence! The cuff I made below took about 3 hours. Of course if I were selling corrugated cuffs I would probably underplay the ease with which these are made – most non-jewelry people think I crimped each little fold by hand. We don’t have to give out all our secrets, right?

In case you are wondering what this magic corrugating tool is like, it has a frame with 5 sets of rollers, all of which create a different pattern. You get an infinite number of patterns by changing the rollers, altering the pressure, the sheet metal gauge, and layering different roller patterns onto one another. The corrugated part of the cuff is made with very thin metal (26-30 gauge) which helps keep the price of silver down.

In case you are intrigued with Deb’s Mega Micro Brake, let me know and I will connect you with where you can get more information.


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  1. Shelly, I would contact Deb and Gil Jemmott at this website:
    It is a great tool,

  2. shelly oswalt

     /  August 10, 2012

    Hi Connie… I am indeed intrigued by
    Deb’s Mega Micro Brake… or the way you achieved the beautiful corrugated cuffs…
    How can I get my hands on this to play with it!?

    thanks so much!

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