Lucky Girls Club

Starting in front, counter-clockwise: Billie, Terri, Joy, Teresita, Melissa, and Suzi

Starting in front, counter-clockwise: Billie, Terri, Joy, Teresita, Melissa, and Suzi

The ladies arrived, organized their workspace and put on their aprons. Not just any ole apron, but one that Suzi, a member of the group, silk-screened for each member. On it was printed “Lucky Girls Club, San Diego, California, 2013”.

Here is the story behind the apron. A month ago Terri Brush, principle organizer of an event on the Oregon coast called “Art Camp”, asked if I would teach “Bangles and Dangles” to a group of six women. She wanted to treat 5 women who have volunteered to help her build “Art Camp” into a successful event for jewelry enthusiasts. The women happily work their tails off at this bi-annual happening because they love being together and, of course, they love making jewelry.

Terri flew them to San Diego, provided room and board, paid for their class and bought all of their supplies. Their love and respect for each other was genuine and, like old friends, they teased, helped, encouraged and laughed. With each piece of jewelry they made, there were high-fives and big smiles. I know the feeling.

Despite wearing a standard jewelry supply store apron, I certainly felt like one lucky girl spending a couple of days with this inspiring group.


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  1. Kristi Hanson

     /  July 31, 2013

    What a lovely story!

  2. Oh, thanks Kathy. Isn’t it amazing the wonderful people we meet through our mutual love of jewelry? Lynn, yes indeed, so lucky….

  3. Kathy Oxford

     /  July 28, 2013

    Their generous sponsor sure did pick the right person to treat them to. k

  4. Lucky girls indeed…..all of you!

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