Heat Shields

Heat shield protecting bezel when soldering frame to pin.

I taught a class on Pins over the weekend and am reminded yet again how much I appreciate heat shields. In the first image you see a bezel which has been soldered with medium solder. I am attaching a frame to one side also using medium solder. The frame and bezel are pretty close together so I was concerned about re-flowing the bezel solder or worse, melting the bezel. Enter an 18 g brass heat shield which protected the bezel perfectly. In my finished pin you see a frame that is a lot closer to the bezel than the copper and silver sample – even a dicier proposition.

Pin with bezel and handmade pinback by Connie Fox

So, why didn’t I just bury the bezel in the firebrick and avoid these issue all together? I have found burying a 2x1mm frame more difficult than soldering right side up. I can see exactly how it is going to look in the end, burying the frame is more difficult to adjust if needed, and the solder flows more easily and cleanly when working face up.

Handmade pinback by Connie Fox

When we worked on the back of the pins we also used a heat shield to protect parts of the pin mechanism. Hats off to heat shields!

BTW, I haven’t forgotten my 10 hour challenge – just trying to catch my breath after a pretty hectic teaching schedule.


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