Goldmine In My Own Living Room

Friday, February 22

Dean Adams speaking at Yuma Symposium.

Dean Adams speaking at Yuma Symposium.

Most notable today was a talk by Dean Adams, professor of ceramics at Montana State University. From the beginning of his talk I was drawn to this generous, open-hearted man who urged us to make the best use of every minute we have left. He reminded us of death and how much time we have remaining with an average life-expectancy of 78.4 years. He pointed out statistically how much time we spend watching TV and (without preaching) pointed out this is a goldmine of time for potential creative expression. Dean certainly inspired me to watch less news and to let go of several mind numbing programs I can easily live without…..


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  1. Ruth Redfern

     /  March 5, 2013

    Agree with the mind numbing; however, sometimes I just need that!!!

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