Beyond Finding Center

Dividers can also be used to define arcs and circles. Templates offer a limited number of options which the dividers can easily supplement.

Rectangle divided into a 2:3 proportion.

Another use for the dividers is finding proportions. Let’s say you are creating a rectangular piece that will have a horizontal wire soldered across. Where do you place it? Of course, anywhere you want, after all, you are the designer. But, you may want a little help using classical proportions. Divide the rectangle into a 2:3 proportion – it will be pleasing to the eye. Two of the 5 sections are above the line and 3 below. The dividers can help you with these measurements. In another case you may want two borders of equal size with space in the middle. Consider dividing the rectangle into five equal parts. One part for the top border, one part for the bottom border, and three parts for the middle.

Divider markings for rivet placement.

In addition to using dividers to find proportions, I use them to mark rectangles for rivet placement. Simply find the length you want away from the edge and scribe vertically and horizontally with the pointed end of the dividers. The center is your drill mark.


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