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Photo Credit: iStockphoto – Gokcen Yener, photographer

A lovely young woman wrote the other day telling me about her struggles with design. Like learning fabrication, design skills are acquired over time and take effort. And although the topic can certainly be complex and lead to confusion, the heart of great design is simplicity. So often I have seen people develop just one design element in their work
and it leads to a big difference. The benefit of developing even one design skill is itself a simple idea.

Another simple idea: Look within for the source of design. When your work resonates with the core of you, you cannot help but be deeply satisfied. This interview with Roberta Williamson illustrates how her profound sense of connectedness is integrated into her jewelry designs and into everything she does.

Here is a link to that UTube video in case the above doesn’t play: Craft in America – Roberta Williamson talks about her work.


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