Circle Dividing Templates

A while back I mentioned how helpful it is to use circle dividing templates to achieve better accuracy in marking your metal. Cece, one of my blog readers, had a passion to acquire them. This is what she sent..

I was determined to figure out the source of your circle dividers. My husband, the civil engineer, tells me that they are polar graphs. Below are several links. The second one allows you to custom your circle template to your liking. If you find them helpful please feel free to share.

Polar Graphs PDF

Polar Graph Paper PDF Generator

Polar & Cartesian PDF



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  1. Anna, I am happy they helped you out.

  2. Anna

     /  March 7, 2013

    These graphs are amazing. I was looking for these because I’m in Pre-Calculus right now and we’re learning about polar graphs, i had to find some and print them out so i could use them in class instead of drawing them with compasses. These are so helpful. Thank you.

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