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Bangles By Connie Fox

When I started making bangles with stones placed equally around the perimeter I realized the significance of using a circle divider. I have used them for other purposes since.

Simply place your object on the circle divider template and mark with a permanent ink pen. Because these marks disappear with the heat of the torch, you will need further marking that will hold up under heat.

Paper Circle Divider Templates

For a bangle I placed it on a bracelet mandrel and lightly center punch the mark. Graphite will hold up reasonably well under heat, so you can try this also. Scribing a small mark is another option.

If you don’t have a circle dividing template, where do you get one? I have a set on paper that a friend gave me years ago. I have searched the internet and have not found anything as comprehensive as the templates she gave me. If you are good at geometry you probably can figure it out and make your own.

Pauline Warg Circle Divider

For you non-mathematical folks, you can purchase a beautifully made (and easy to carry around) template from Pauline Warg. Pauline spells out how to order one. The price is $27.00; part number PWDDT.

Addendum A blog reader has pointed out that Tim McCreight’s book, The Complete Metalsmith also has a template in the back – page 286. Thanks!!


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