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10 Hour Challenge – Part 2

I am making a change in my 10 hour challenge. Initially I said I would practice 10 hours in addition to time spent in class. Now this isn’t really fair because it is no longer a 10 hour challenge. So, I am including time spent in class and practice time at home in the 10 […]

Can 10 Hours Make A Difference?

Do you have a list of jewelry making techniques you would like to learn? I’ve got mine, for sure. Rather than keeping these goals on the back burner (back bench?), I am wondering – can 10 hours of practice make a difference? Several years ago I took a class at Metals Week on making sculpted […]

Tube Bending

You may have been making jewelry just fine without knowing how to bend tubing. However, if you know how, you just might develop a passion (or maybe an interest) in using this skill. Make sure you anneal the tubing first, and place it in the spring where it most closely fits. Gently curve the spring […]

Rivet Those Tubes – Part 5

Continued from Part 4…. 10) Flaring a Tube Using a flaring tool, a brass or chasing hammer, and a steel anvil, begin to flare the tube on one side. With the flaring tool in place, lightly tap on the top side until you get a slight flare. The hammer blows should be light taps. Turn […]

Rivet Those Tubes – Part 4

Continued from Part 3 …. 6) Anneal the Tubing It is important for your tubing to be malleable. Mark the tubing with a permanent pen. Heat with a torch until the mark disappears. Pickle and clean the tubing. If you don’t know how to anneal, get instruction from a qualified teacher. 7) Determine the Length […]

Rivet Those Tubes – Part 3

Continued from Part 2 … 4) Choosing the Correct Drill Bit Size Aim for this: a hole that is nice and snug for the tubing. Start by placing your tubing into a drill gauge to determine what size drill bit is needed. Sometimes the tubing swims in one hole and the next smaller drill bit […]

Rivet Those Tubes – Part 2

Continued from Part 1 …. 2) Cleaning and Texturing In most cases if you want your metal textured, first clean the metal, texture, and then rivet. Occasionally I find I wish I would have textured a piece of metal after I complete the riveting. In this case I select a type of texture that will […]

Rivet Those Tubes – Part 1

If you browse through books and study tube rivets, clearly some are prettier than others. Actually, if I peruse my own work some are more fetching than others. What makes for a great tube rivet? – No unintended split in the rivet – A rounded lip at the edge of the rivet – Makes for […]

Big Tubes – Use A Jeweler’s Saw?

Do you ever have days like this? I started out to tell you there is no need to cut big tubes (square tubing in the pictures is 15 mm square) with a jeweler’s saw when you have a nifty miter/cut-off saw from Micro Mark. Of course it was not as easy as all that. To […]

In Case You Want Angles

Up until now you may not have had a need to cut angles in tubing. But, you may not have considered the possibility either. Once you are aware of a tool and what it can do for you, thoughts of angled tubing may creep into your work. Here are two possible tools to create angles […]