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White And 37

Thursday, February 21 A demographic? No, a weather condition on the trip to Yuma. As we climbed the mountains of the Cleveland National Forest the temperature dropped from the low 60s to 37 degrees in a half hour. From partial sun to rain. And from green hills to white. The drive took me right back […]

Marching To The Table

Well, the Lord knows I do love comfort food. Warm whole grain bread, pasta in almost any form, homemade pie, and on and on. I am sure you are not particularly interested in my food preferences, let alone food addictions, so I will write about the Yuma Symposium instead. “The Yuma Symposium is comfort food […]

Do You Live In Tokyo Too?

When you live in a small house there is never enough space. So how do I cope? Pretend like I live in Tokyo of course. This coping mechanism began years ago after seeing a program on how Tokyo residents organize their lives in tiny apartments. After doing a little research for this article I realize […]

Metals Week In Idyllwild 2013

Greetings! Registration for Metals Week in Idyllwild is just around the corner so this is a heads up. Metals Week has been a major influence in my development as a jewelry designer. Not only have I learned a lot, it has been great fun along the way. What is Metals Week? Think 5 day jewelry […]

A Checkered Past

I know this is a juicy title and with today’s star-studded scandals you might be anticipating nothing less. However, anything I have done in my life may be momentarily entertaining but far from titillating. On to the issue at hand. I am sharing with you how a jewelry technique has eluded me for years, and […]

This And That

One of my favorite rings made it into the most recent issue of Jewelry Artist (December 2012, p. 42). The ring uses a number of techniques: hollow forms, piercing, use of gold bi-metal, beveling edges, soldering an already set stone, texturing and tube setting. Look for this project on the next class lineup. Also look […]

Rome’s Gift

My last post was, well, supposed to be just that, the last post of this journey to Italy. But, there was one more story to tell. I am writing this at 5 am, street sweepers and commuters waking up Rome, with just several hours before we leave for home. We knew it would take a […]

Will Rome Ever Rest?

The contrast between Tuscany and Rome is both dramatic and jarring. It is midnight as I write my last blog installment from Italy. Why so late? The city is abuzz as if commuters are retuning from their work day and I am buzzing right with them. Entering Rome was easier than we anticipated. Life is […]

Say Good Bye To Tuscany

Today is a travel day. We leave our quiet Il Castillo in Tuscany and head to Rome. Oh my, I am bracing myself for an entirely different experience. Entering Rome promises to be hair raising – Jan, an excellent driver, will get us to the car rental office Italian style and I will be navigating. […]

For The Love Of It

Many of you know her. Linda Darty is the author of “The Art of Enameling” and was the head of metal design at East Carolina University in North Carolina. She now directs the University’s Certaldo program in the heart of Tuscany. The program provides students with college credits and acquaints them with Italian language and […]