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Do You Love Color on Metal?

You are in for a treat if you stop by Taboo Gallery. The works of Brooke Marks-Swanson and Helen Shirk are being featured, two talented designers who use color on metal. I “met” Brooke online when I arranged to include her work in my book on designing contemporary art jewelry. Of course, I didn’t want […]

Design Talk Interview – Joan Tenenbaum

As promised, here is my November, 2013 interview with Joan Tenenbaum. Not only will you gain insights into her development as a jeweler, you will discover how Joan’s interactions with the native Alaskan people and the environment influenced her work. Connie: Many of the jewelry makers I encounter discover this path as a “second career” or after […]

Design Talk – Joan Tenenbaum

I decided to be illogical. Commonsense told me to introduce you to Joan Tenenbaum via my online December interview with her. But, power convinced me otherwise. Nothing speaks as clearly about the heart of this talented woman than her work. Joan’s jewelry, along with the stories her pieces tell, captivated me from the start. Her […]

Design Talk – Andy Cooperman

In Design Talk with Deb Karash she mentioned Andy Cooperman as one of two people who have had a major influence on her work. This is what she has to say about him…. About Andy, well, I adore his work, the beautiful surfaces, attention to detail, his sense of humor. As a teacher, he is […]

Design Talk

Meet Deb Karash. She is a studio artist living in the beautiful hills of Bakersville, North Carolina. I met Deb at Idyllwild Arts’ Metals Week in June, 2013. Her exquisitely crafted, distinctive work featuring colored pencil drawings on metal is likely not new to you. Here she talks about meaningful influences on her work, what […]

Confections For The Soul

Sunday, February 24th My life is not always a cupcake, but I have to tell you, the last weekend at the Yuma Symposium was sweetness itself. The Thursday night review of upcoming workshops left me doubting there would be anything really special I could carry home. Oh my, how wrong I was. One workshop after […]

Dive Deep Within

A lovely young woman wrote the other day telling me about her struggles with design. Like learning fabrication, design skills are acquired over time and take effort. And although the topic can certainly be complex and lead to confusion, the heart of great design is simplicity. So often I have seen people develop just one […]

One Man’s Path to Becoming an Artist – Dore Capitani

Dore Capitani was just a bit of a kid when he wrote to his mom announcing one day he would be an artist. Much to his surprise, he became a building engineer, far from his original aspiration. To add to his disappointment, he did 29 years in an unhappy marriage before he launched himself to […]