Cutting Metal Accurately With The Shear

Here the metal has been marked with a permanent ink pen at each end to make the scribe line more visible. My cut line is then scribed.

When you are cutting a piece of sheet metal with a bench shear, blacken both ends with a Sharpie and then scribe your cut line into the ink. If you can (safely) look down over the blade area and line up the two scribe lines with the bottom edge (where the blade will make contact with the platform of the shear) you will increase the accuracy of your cutting. If you have a brake that locks the sheet metal in place you will also get more predictable cuts.

The metal is lined up at the top and the bottom of the sheet metal with the

Here you see the sheet metal held in place by the brake. This ensures there will be no movement as the blade cuts through the metal.

I learned this tip from Deb Jemmott.


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