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Tool Talk

Do You Have Trouble Filing Straight? If you have taken a class with me or if you have seen me work, undoubtedly you have seen me use a miter vise. My Ohio pal, Debbie Brown, introduced me to the toolmakers vise, a kissing cousin to the miter vise. What I like about this tool is […]

Design Talk – Andy Cooperman

In Design Talk with Deb Karash she mentioned Andy Cooperman as one of two people who have had a major influence on her work. This is what she has to say about him…. About Andy, well, I adore his work, the beautiful surfaces, attention to detail, his sense of humor. As a teacher, he is […]

Design Talk

Meet Deb Karash. She is a studio artist living in the beautiful hills of Bakersville, North Carolina. I met Deb at Idyllwild Arts’ Metals Week in June, 2013. Her exquisitely crafted, distinctive work featuring colored pencil drawings on metal is likely not new to you. Here she talks about meaningful influences on her work, what […]