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Idyllwild Arts’ Metals Week Flyer

I just received this flyer from Idyllwild Arts’ Metals Week program, and as we speak I am knee deep in making two new cuffs for my class. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: ~Connie All images and text are ©Copyright 2010-2013 Connie Fox except where indicated. All rights […]

Confections For The Soul

Sunday, February 24th My life is not always a cupcake, but I have to tell you, the last weekend at the Yuma Symposium was sweetness itself. The Thursday night review of upcoming workshops left me doubting there would be anything really special I could carry home. Oh my, how wrong I was. One workshop after […]

Goldmine In My Own Living Room

Friday, February 22 Most notable today was a talk by Dean Adams, professor of ceramics at Montana State University. From the beginning of his talk I was drawn to this generous, open-hearted man who urged us to make the best use of every minute we have left. He reminded us of death and how much […]

White And 37

Thursday, February 21 A demographic? No, a weather condition on the trip to Yuma. As we climbed the mountains of the Cleveland National Forest the temperature dropped from the low 60s to 37 degrees in a half hour. From partial sun to rain. And from green hills to white. The drive took me right back […]

Marching To The Table

Well, the Lord knows I do love comfort food. Warm whole grain bread, pasta in almost any form, homemade pie, and on and on. I am sure you are not particularly interested in my food preferences, let alone food addictions, so I will write about the Yuma Symposium instead. “The Yuma Symposium is comfort food […]