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Do You Live In Tokyo Too?

When you live in a small house there is never enough space. So how do I cope? Pretend like I live in Tokyo of course. This coping mechanism began years ago after seeing a program on how Tokyo residents organize their lives in tiny apartments. After doing a little research for this article I realize […]

Metals Week In Idyllwild 2013

Greetings! Registration for Metals Week in Idyllwild is just around the corner so this is a heads up. Metals Week has been a major influence in my development as a jewelry designer. Not only have I learned a lot, it has been great fun along the way. What is Metals Week? Think 5 day jewelry […]

A Checkered Past

I know this is a juicy title and with today’s star-studded scandals you might be anticipating nothing less. However, anything I have done in my life may be momentarily entertaining but far from titillating. On to the issue at hand. I am sharing with you how a jewelry technique has eluded me for years, and […]