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Will Rome Ever Rest?

The contrast between Tuscany and Rome is both dramatic and jarring. It is midnight as I write my last blog installment from Italy. Why so late? The city is abuzz as if commuters are retuning from their work day and I am buzzing right with them. Entering Rome was easier than we anticipated. Life is […]

Say Good Bye To Tuscany

Today is a travel day. We leave our quiet Il Castillo in Tuscany and head to Rome. Oh my, I am bracing myself for an entirely different experience. Entering Rome promises to be hair raising – Jan, an excellent driver, will get us to the car rental office Italian style and I will be navigating. […]

For The Love Of It

Many of you know her. Linda Darty is the author of “The Art of Enameling” and was the head of metal design at East Carolina University in North Carolina. She now directs the University’s Certaldo program in the heart of Tuscany. The program provides students with college credits and acquaints them with Italian language and […]

Screaming Feet And New Perspectives

Today, Wednesday, September 26th, is a day of rest. My traveling companion, Jan, is recovering from a cold so we are staying home. Home is Cirtaldo, our medieval walled village on a hill in the heart of Tuscany. Just to give you an idea of the lovely setting from which I write……. Traveling to Europe […]

Sometimes It’s The Small Things

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a piece of jewelry and it’s a small detail that puts a smile on my face. For example, Abrasha, a goldsmith in San Francisco, sometimes makes a piece of jewelry with a diamond hidden from easy view. What a fanciful thing to do. Some might […]

Grateful For Relief And More

As I write this, I am sipping wine in an ancient castle in Tuscany. An old gentleman is passionately playing his accordion for eager listeners in an adjoining room. I am situated in the middle of the lobby proudly directing people to the toilet as if I understood a word of their requests for directions. […]

Tunnels, Pattern, And Staying Humble

Moneglia, a small town on the Italian Riviera, has managed to stay small and less grand than other locations along the northern coast for one simple reason – the only way you can get to it by car is through ancient, long and narrow tunnels. So narrow I might add, that one-way traffic is controlled […]

When Once Isn’t Enough

Yesterday, September 20th was a day of travel. My traveling companion, Jan, and I decided going from Venice to the Italian Riviera on the opposite coast wasn’t enough. So, we did it twice. If we hadn’t have left a bag in Venice there was no way we would have opted for this 11 hour marathon […]

Calder And Cranes

One of my favorite design elements is contrast. This stabile by Alexander Calder sits on the Grand Canal balcony of the Guggenheim Museum. While this image does not quite reflect what you see in person, the buildings across the waterway are ancient. This sculpture is hard edged, dynamic and far from the sepia toned character […]

Inspiration In Neon

This neon sign graces a wall of the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice. So often just moving out of our normal environment can bring subtle or even large and glorious changes into our lives. On this trip to Venice I find myself searching for a new and deeper inner peace. ~Connie All images and text […]