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Under The Nose

Can Urban Imagery Really Inspire? I am not fond of parrots. It’s all about the pitch, and parrots simply hurt my ears. Just the same, one of my favorite documentaries is The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. In the film, Mark Bittner, a homeless musician in San Francisco, finds meaning for his life in his […]

Showers, Breaks, Paint and Farts

How to Make More Creative Jewelry Take these 4 steps and according to current research your work will improve. They are easy steps but I am not sure if I could fart and burp very long. 1) If you hit a creative wall, take a nap, a walk or a shower. 2) Let yourself spend […]

Bumpy, Crusty, and Patterned

Dress up for Simple Forms When you like simple forms – clean lines and curves without too much embellishment – the danger is the yawn. I guess most of all my own. Falling asleep at the torch is dangerous after all. To avoid this potential hazard, I started looking at surfaces to dress up my […]

Comfort Zone: Bored and Fed Up?

Periodically I ask myself if I am hanging out in my comfy-cozy (but dreaded) creative comfort zone. It isn’t always easy to distinguish between gaining mastery through repetition and just stagnating in the same ole groove. Case in point. For 4 or 5 years I made wire jewelry and literally hundreds of bangles. People liked […]