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A Walk In The Wine Country

Gosh, I wish I could have taken all of you along with me. It was a gorgeous day at Paradise Ridge Winery in Sonoma County. For years this winery has sponsored an annual sculpture exhibit on 4 acres of gnarled oak trees. The exhibit lasts for one year and then new sculptors come in with […]

Cutting Metal Accurately With The Shear

When you are cutting a piece of sheet metal with a bench shear, blacken both ends with a Sharpie and then scribe your cut line into the ink. If you can (safely) look down over the blade area and line up the two scribe lines with the bottom edge (where the blade will make contact […]

The L-Square

    A common task in the studio is to square up sheet metal. Using an L-square is a simple way to do this. The first image shows you three L-squares of different sizes. Line up the short or long leg of the L-square with the straight edge of a table. Both silver L-squares have […]