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Circle Divider

When I started making bangles with stones placed equally around the perimeter I realized the significance of using a circle divider. I have used them for other purposes since. Simply place your object on the circle divider template and mark with a permanent ink pen. Because these marks disappear with the heat of the torch, […]


Beyond Finding Center Dividers can also be used to define arcs and circles. Templates offer a limited number of options which the dividers can easily supplement. Another use for the dividers is finding proportions. Let’s say you are creating a rectangular piece that will have a horizontal wire soldered across. Where do you place it? […]


    It is the small things that drive me wild. You know, attaching a tube set so that it is placed just a bit off center. Or, making one earring slightly larger than the other. These small mistakes have motivated me to find ways to be more precise. In this series I will talk […]

Heat Shields

I taught a class on Pins over the weekend and am reminded yet again how much I appreciate heat shields. In the first image you see a bezel which has been soldered with medium solder. I am attaching a frame to one side also using medium solder. The frame and bezel are pretty close together […]