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Thanksgiving, 2011

Tribute To Students Can flying at 30,000 feet really make a difference in your life? Seven years ago I was on a coast to coast flight with a dear friend having a heart to heart talk. About jewelry of course. Five hours of uninterrupted conversation about our lives as jewelry artists is a delicious treat […]

Studios: A Bit Like Shoes

Studios are a bit like shoes – what feels good on one person’s feet may not be a perfect fit for another’s. In last weekend’s class, the topic of setting up a studio/workspace took center stage during our Sunday morning chat. One of the students requested I teach a class on this subject matter. Instead, […]

Acrylic, Metal and Biker Chicks: New Twist on the Basic Cuff

Actually there were no biker chicks (that I know of) in last weekend’s class on “Acrylic Cuffs”. Many of the spikes you see in the photos below are unfinished bolts – still a little work to do on some of them, but an easy final step. What a joy it is to change up the […]

Form: The Basis of my Jewelry Designs – What is Yours?

Through my friendship with a dear woman named Kamal I have come to realize how important form is to me. The images you see above were shot on a Sunday afternoon walk (along with lunch at Barrio Star in Banker’s Hill) with my husband, Jim. I simply shot images that were interesting to me for […]

Pack Your Suitcase: Make Jewelry Inspired by a Trip Away from Home

I just returned from a week long visit with my friends Debbie and Bill Brown in Ohio. While I am happy as a clam in my own environs, it is good to launch myself from my groove once in a while. Debbie is a talented jewelry designer and teacher and has studied under different teachers […]