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Yuma Art Symposium

Laughter is supposed to be good for the soul, and if this is the case, my soul is doing mighty fine today. After having a huge amount of fun with friends and listening to lectures and demos by several of 13 presenters, I returned yesterday to San Diego from Yuma. Included in my travels was […]

Jatayu News 02-24-11

A friend of mine encouraged me to submit a few of my rings to the Lark 500 Rings call for entries. She heard my hesitation and immediately quoted Charles Lewton Brain who said if you aren’t getting rejected at least 10 times a week you aren’t working hard enough. Really – 10 times a week? […]

Solder Picks & Idyllwild News

Solder Picks When I have used a tool for a long time it is difficult to let it go. Not so in this case. My steel, red-handled solder pick has been by my side in many a soldering challenge. It did the job (in most cases – can I really blame it for the mishaps?) […]