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News 10-21-10: Banner Bracelet Tutorial

I recently received a request for a tutorial on how to make this bracelet. The directions are included in “Stamped Metal Jewelry” by Lisa Niven Kelly, sold in our online store. It is a fun bracelet to make – you can add your own spin or make it really close to what I did. The […]

Studio Tips#5: Silicone Polishers

My favorite use for these little cylinder shaped black silicone polishers is cleaning the inside area of a back plate when creating a bezel. You know, that left over solder after attaching the bezel to a back plate? It is not easily removed in a confined space, but this little polisher is like magic. Use […]

Thank You For The Feedback

Just want to take a minute to thank all of you who have sent me input on what makes a good jewelry instructor. Not only has it been helpful to me personally, I think your feedback will be valuable to other instructors. I would love to hear from more of you! Thanks again! ~Connie Tweet

News 10-11-10

I thought you might like to see some gorgeous cuffs made by Natalie Reed and Jayne Furman during/after my class on corrugated cuffs using Deb’s Mega Micro Brake (a corrugator). The first set is by Natalie Reed and the second by Jayne Furman. One of the things I like about these cuffs is that they […]

Studio Tips #4: Using A Miter Cutting Vise

It’s Friday morning and I am sitting here looking at my (perhaps all time) favorite tool. I am not great at sawing and filing a straight line – getting better, but it is still not my strong suit. Before this weekend, I loved how it helped me make bezels and ring bands, but the class […]

Calling All Students!

I am doing a little research for an article I am writing. The theme of the article is “Jewelry Teachers – What to do, What Not to Do”. In other words, as a student what do you like to see in a jewelry instructor, and what do you hope to avoid? This article is intended […]